WIWLN Episode #006: And Tainted Love

With Valentine’s Day products literally everywhere, we’ve got love on the brain. Specifically, the kind of love that makes people do terrible, horrible things. Melanie continues our 1999 appreciation with EYES WIDE SHUT, Richard is appalled at Ike Turner’s everything while watching WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT, and Lindsey takes a moment to (rightfully) drag THE NOTEBOOK. Also, a random tangent on Bad Bromance (The D Train).

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WIWLN Episode #005: And Not-So-Happy Endings

We dive headlong into the January blues this week by talking about movie endings that depressed us. Richard makes all of us cry simply by describing BOYS DON’T CRY, Lindsey continues the “Haley Joel Osment in 90s movies” theme with PAY IT FORWARD, and Melanie throws back to the original realistic romcom with ROMAN HOLIDAY. Don’t worry, we still manage to be funny amidst all the angst.

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WIWLN Episode #004: And Scary Moments

We get spooky for our 4th episode (even though it’s not Halloween) and go deep into the moments in TV and film that freaked us out. Melanie talks THE X-FILES in preparation for the new season, Lindsey gets emotional about THE SIXTH SENSE, Richard reminds us of just how revolutionary THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT was for horror movies, and everyone recalls the DOCTOR WHO episodes that made us never want to sleep again.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens for Gender Equality

Star Wars: The Force Awakens offers one of the most satisfyingly strong female protagonists in any major motion picture, making it a great leap forward in how women are portrayed onscreen. Unfortunately, it tells us repeatedly—in case moviegoers didn’t notice. Do we really need that kind of instruction? Read More!

WIWLN Episode #003: And Terrible Travel

Holiday travel is universally recognized as the worst, which is why we dedicated our third episode to it! Herein lie the movies that capture, for us, the feeling of everything going wrong on your way from point A to point B. Melanie gushes about an Australian murder show, Richard keeps us up-to-date on the world of sitcoms and ruins Lost for Lindsey, and Lindsey catches up on Kevin Bacon’s sort-of-short-lived TV show. We also talk about the Golden Globes, but the was a given. And Bob’s Burgers…again.

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The Awkward Human Survival Guide Is One of Nerdist’s Favorite Podcasts of 2015

If you didn’t already have a reason to like our podcast, The Awkward Human Survival Guide, maybe Nerdist can give you one. We were over the moon upon discovering that the show was listed as one of their 10 favorite podcasts of 2015.

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WIWLN Episode #002: And New Beginnings

Happy New Year to followers of the Gregorian calendar! In honor of the holiday, we take this episode to reflect on what a new year means to us and our film habits. Richard talks about starting over with the CW’s CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND, Melanie swears loyalty to Sofia Coppola, and Lindsey shows her sentimental side with her love for ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS. We also avoid THE FORCE AWAKENS spoilers, so this episode is safe for all five of you left in the galaxy who haven’t seen it yet.

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