Accidentally Racist Products: Kracker Blaster

The Kracker Blaster could have probably gone under the radar, but then, of all of the kids they could have picked they picked an African American male. So innocent and sincere in his excitement. Little does he know that he is single handedly fighting oppression and triggering white guilt. They grow up so fast.

Accidentally Racist Products: The Audi White Power

Oh gosh, what a beautiful high performance luxury vehicle for THE KKK. Guess who named their car after the klans rallying cry; The Germans. Granted it’s a custom body shop that’s rolling out this offensively named vehicle not the car maker itself. Audi of course hires people to do extensive cover ups of their antisemitism.

This Angry New Yorker Does What You've Secretly Always Wished You Could Do

There are few videos that can bring the level of catharsis that watching a tiny angry New Yorker yelling at a poorly trained trumpeter brings. I can’t be the only person who feels like my choice is ripped away from me by street performers begging for praise when they don’t deserves it. Well Doug Levison does everything my fear of confrontation has prevented me from doing for 25 years. It’s highly uncomfortable and highly worth it.