About the Film

Two friends, Ben and Claire, navigate the awkwardness of their 20s through uncomfortable dates, strange social situations, and the world of government employees. Claire can't get over a guy with whom she has no future or land a job outside of the seventh circle of hell. On the heels of a bad breakup, Ben attempts to find new love with several unstable women that remind him of his ex. They find little luck in their professional and romantic lives, but feel the awkward situations they encounter bring about the color that makes life exciting. As times get tougher, and their friendship is tested, however, that may not be enough.

Why We're Making It

Awkward came about because we were bored with our lives and wanted to make them more interesting. We decided to do one weird thing a week, with activities such as writing a hip-hop cover of My Heart Will Go On, stalking our friends to find out if they were considering a divorce, and finding a free nude cleaner on Craigslist. We shared the funniest stories with our friends, some of which became so popular that people started telling them to us, and we realized we had good material for a movie.

Our initial goal in writing Awkward was to create a film we could afford to make for almost no money. During the writing process, we became more attached to the material and turned it into a more substantial story. We've held casting sessions, secured some members of the cast, and shot test scenes to aid the development process. We intend to shoot the film at a budget of approximately $100,000 and you can help us by donating.